About me

I have always been a lover of animals. Recently, I graduated form the Western Dog Grooming School in Maple Ridge at the top of my class. I wrote extra exams through the Canadian Professional Pet Stylists - the only federally registered association for dog groomers in Canada. I am now certified as a Canadian Canine Stylist Technition Level 1 Intermediate. I also wrote and and passed my level 2 written exams and will focus on obtaining my Level 2 Practicals over the next year or so. I also graduated with a Pet Grooming Career Diploma and a First Aid Certificate. Our instructor, who is trained as a Master Groomer, instilled in her class to practice 'Humanity before Vanity'. All animals that come into The Grateful Pooch will be treated with respect and kindness.  I am also a member of PIJAC ( The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council) and hold a Canine Specialist Certificate. 

There's More.....

I'm also a 'build it' junky. With a Visual Arts Diploma, a Bachelor of Fine arts Degree and a Certificate in Fine Furniture and Design - I'm always working on one project or another. Iv'e done everything for store display, building parade floats, to teaching Woodworking classes.  I'm also a horse nut. 


  1. Stevie